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    Feb 2007
    This would be fun, as long as people have the same ingame content (game version), you guys might want to add what version of the game you have since there is 3 different versions of the game out in stores, and 2 of the games have extra maps.

    Standard Edition: None of the ones written under, just the regular maps
    Signature Edition: 1 Extra map - Moscow Suburbs
    Digital Deluxe Edition (Steam): Drilling Ship & Moscow Suburbs

    Make sure to skip these levels unless the maps are ingame, just not unlocked, hence the host must have to have the map for everyone else to play them, but I really doubt that is the case.

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    Junior Member DirtyJr86's Avatar
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    Jun 2012
    Add me and invite me when u c me online ; )

    My ubisoft name is to the left ; )

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    Add me: Sarra-
    I'm always down for Guerilla, and would love to do it with 4 players

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    Jun 2012
    Excellent, glad that we're getting a good amount of responses here. My Uplay for those who don't already have it is: LittleCervantes. You can add me on steam too: sangre_encanto or skype: alex.cervantes13

    Enjoy and thanks for all the responses!

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    Looking for guerilla partners for ps3 , ID is avelistine

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    Ingame Czuher.
    Just make sure that you invite in game 1st, then uPlay, otherwise it buggs.

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    add me too

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    uplay: rainbowpuff

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    WildfireOne. Always up to rock and roll.

    Will be even more so once I get a working processor.

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    Portland, Oregon, USA

    Cool re: Guerilla Mode partners

    I didn't buy my game through Steam so I'm having trouble finding people to play with. My Steam name is Scott_hn and my Uplay/GRFS username is shalnabs. Add me and let's kick some butt!

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