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    I did not want to over kill it so i had to stop myself .

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    pastel/heat gro....i tried lolol dont judge me

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    No offense however I don't think that reward is really going to motivate anyone... o.o

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    here is a stylised reanimation of the SS if you offer a better reward you might actually get something good :P


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    Quote Originally Posted by Infantry11Bang View Post

    HAHAHAHAHA! hey man! im so voting for u! this one is great lol

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    I used paint and im horrible at it but i tried.

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    Alright, for now, I'll leave it at this, but I did try to add some wallpaper elements to it but decided that the dimensions and resolution wasn't good enough. Lighting and coloring tweaks, nothing too special.

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    What happened to the source image q.q

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