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    Driver crash (Nvidia)

    I've installed latest drivers, downgrade, full clean install...everything and for some reason when I start to play the campaign, the driver always crashes. I can play multiplayer and Guerrilla Mode perfectly fine; just not campaign. When the ingame cut scene starts, it would instantly crash. As I keep trying it would get further in to the campaign without crashing. Right after I snipe the person and they smoke the place in the cutscene when your first actual gameplay starts it always crashes right when I walk near the truck...

    Anyone know how to fix this?

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    So far I haven't had any problems. I have a GTX 580 with the 301.42 driver. I did notice some fps drop from 55 to 44 when I updated to the 1.1 patch. Have you used that driver?

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    I have the exact same issue.
    I run the game with a GeForce nvidia GTX 570, and I can't even start the game without a black screen and a error message: Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered
    I use the latest driver, I even try the new beta driver. Nothing work: unistall old driver, installing new one, manually install driver, reinstall the game, run the game as administrator, fix registry and trying with and without the patch. Northing work.
    I always have some problems with ubisoft game, but nothing like that so far. This is amazing.. in the wrong way.

    Some one have an idea?

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    Hi guys, the developers are aware of the Nvidia issue. Please contact technical support so they can troubleshoot with you, the link is in my signature.

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    Thx for the link. We'll see what they have to answer.

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    Are the nVidia 5xx cards the only ones affected or 4xx as well? (I have 460 and I'm afraid I'll have issues too)

    Best wishes,

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    i have 2 pc
    one with gtx580 3gb and one with 460 gtx...same problem

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    I also read that some person with a ATI card are affected as well. I think ubisoft mess up with pretty much everything with this game.

    The game itself seem good tought. Too bad.

    Thx Ubi for releasing a good game not finish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tawil23 View Post
    i have 2 pc
    one with gtx580 3gb and one with 460 gtx...same problem
    I'm sorry for You and don't get me wrong, but I hope this is individual and not every nVidia card are affected..

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    i hope for u too...the game is good when it works...

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