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    Update on the maintenance.

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    Clear your IE browser cache to update the lancher, If ya dont know how click here >>>> Click here

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    Funny stuff. I'm LMAO watching everyone get stressed waiting for the servers.. That should be on this list....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chromelock View Post
    you guys couldnt maintenace on a better time of the day the only day that i have off work....
    People seem to fail to realize that in order for the maintenance to occur, people need to be at work to do it. I wouldnt want to force someone to come in in the middle of the night in order to do this kind of thing, and I wouldn't want to condemn someone to having to do that. I am okay with their maintenance time, I'm sorry it ruined your day off.

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    i agree <3 i love u GRO Staff... Love u soo much... I want to thank you for making a free to play lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freelancer852 View Post
    You guys are getting that message because the servers are not online. They are still doing maintenance.

    I'm sure that when the servers are available there will be an update.
    The development team for GRO is Ubisoft Singapore, their work schedule doesn't really mesh will with us here in North America.
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    Just out of thought was there any patch notes to this patch or was it all strictly behind the scenes server/match making stuff?

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    Any issues?

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    Everything is loading extremely slow for me. It is completely unplayable.

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    Maintenance has ended. No reports of anything crazy, closing thread.

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