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    Problem Running the game!! Kindly Help

    I'd bought the original genuine dvd of Assassin's Creed Revelations but installed it on a temporary OS on my computer win 7 professional. The game ran just fine.
    I then got my computer formatted and re-installed AC revelations on my new genuine OS Win 7 Home Basic. Everything functioned, but after clicking on "PLAY" in the launcher, the game does not start, though the launcher message changes to "GAME RUNNING", but after 1 min or so i have my post-game report on the launcher screen. The game does not work anymore! Please Help!
    Thank You!
    Any help will be highly appreciated.
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    kindly care to reply soon...
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    Hey, welcome to the forums, this should go in the Multiplayer forums, but I'm sure someone here will be happy to help.
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    Hello and welcome to the Forums
    Where are you located?
    You can try this-
    If it doesn't work please contact Support through the link in my signature.
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