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Thread: What are the MP modes after Stockade??? | Forums

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    I never said it was 100% correct, if you look I found this while searching for "Arctic strike dlc" on google. Not sure when the img was taken (or if it was doctored in any way). Who knows it could've been something from the original GRFS that got scrapped.

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    I just looked on GRFS network and it's not there.

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    Yea I looked on GRN for it after I saw the original post as well, but on GRN Stockade isn't there either at the moment, yet we know for a fact it's coming the 3rd of July.

    Either way I just found the img interesting and wondered if anyone else had seen anything similar.

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    I found what's probably the source yesterday and it was a gaming website. I'd like to know where they got it from and if they actually believed it was real.

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