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    Lightbulb Arctic Strike DLC trailer

    To be honest me and propably most of the forum comunity can't wait for the upcoming DLC Arctic Strike so maybe Ubisoft could show us some screenshots or even a short trailer.

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    I would like them to show me some nudes.

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    what does "temporary fix" mean? its under the patch thread in the forums for the 26th but in any case.....whos got 2 thumbs and the leader of the # 2 clan in ghost recon future soldier?????????? this guy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoadedLove View Post
    I would like them to show me some nudes.
    ....can't argue with that. Agreed.

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    Misleading title. OP is correct but should change the title to "Need Arctic Strike trailer/preview, Ubi"

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    There's dlc? :O Since when

    Narh idk why they're being quiet about it. I suppose they have their reasons.

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