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    Alternate Grenade Types

    I think adding a bit to the grenade types would really change the gameplay a lot, and it's not like we'd be adding more powerful grenades, but more tactical grenades that have been staples of other games.

    1. Flashbangs - Blinds enemy, prevents them from running or seeing or hearing, but they can still shoot, take cover, etc.
    2. Smoke Grenade - Covers area, does not do damage. Limited to 1.
    3. CS Grenade - Similar to smoke grenade but prevents players from entering area. Players who enter the CS gas take low, low damage (1 damage/sec) but get blurry vision and cannot run. Limited to 1.

    Obviously, we could go into other crazy grenades like EMP and Stinger, but those break balance a lot more than these options do, IMO.

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    Pretty good idea. We will have to see of course what they think.

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