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    What Happened???

    I have 3 horses, 2 of which I could send training, now I can't. I could send the 2 to the bus stop, now I can't. They are super happy, I had bought a breeding pen, that is when I was not able to send my horses. I had a quest to buy a rickety trailer, I bought one, I want to send my horses. I looked at my map and have 3 different places to send. What can I do to fix this please!!!!!!

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    Are your horse to old and retired? Once they reach a certain age they retire and wont train or compete anymore.

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    Thanks, LiquidGumDrops. That makes a huge difference.

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    Should I have gotten a message that they are retired though? It says retired level:4, age 24. So Now what? Can I still breed them? Thanks for the help LiquidGumDrops,

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    You're welcome! And no you dont get a message when they retire and yes you can still breed them. The only things they can do when they are retired is breed, petting zoo, or you can get rid of them by sending them to the rainbow.

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    Thanks, LiquidGumDrops!

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