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    x2 budget

    each time i reach the 5 days in a row for the x2 budget, it doesnt double my budget. has happened a few times, just figured it was me but realise it just wasnt happening.

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    There have been a number of issues addressed. If you are still having problems, all we can do is ask you to contact Support at .

    House MD Team

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    House is not listed in the link you gave is

    I am also having problems with 2X budget!! The link you posted does NOT have HOUSE listed.

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    Several of us have found, it doesnt double the total budget you already have, it double the budget for the mini games and the new Dr. mini game. Like i had to do something for Taub, the reward 550.00, it landed on a double budget, I got 1100.00. But it isnt a doubling of your budget you already have. Hope that helps, and watch the mini games etc, on your double budget day, you should see it. Lab is 50 it will be 100. etc.

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    I haven't gotten a 2x budget either. It's getting so anoying to pay 1000 for cases. By the time I raise the money, I've used all my energy, and I don't have any cash for upgrading or buying medz.

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    Me either! But now that you mention it, I thought it was weird I was getting $80 in mini games..

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    2x budget working for me now :) Thank You!!

    OK any one else having problems, it does not 2x your money budget, it doubles what you get playing the mini games. Mine did not work until today. IE the most you can get from the ER patients (blood draw, heart monitor) is $50 it will be $100 as long as you are 100% accurate, or the blood machine and MRI is doubled. Just don't reload or you will lose it, play till you cant anymore.
    Thank you for the fix!!!!

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    Closing this thread as answered.

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