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    Angry PLS add matchmaking in guerilla mode in GRFS....... !!!!....THIS REALLY SUCKS !

    Kindly add this feature of matchmaking in the update or something..........i listened to your advice but still do not find it easy.
    I mean MULTIPLAYER MODE already has matchmaking.......and xbox live gold membership promises a wonderful matchmaking experience.....yet i find it hard to believe or find a good reason as to why GUERILLA MODE does not have match making !.
    Why should we do manual match-making.......... i kinda regret getting this game..........i should've waited patiently for COD:Black ops 2 instead of being careless.( i like black ops only for zombie mode, coz u feel the team spirit.......... similarly i love gears of wars 3 , becoz it has horde with matchmaking....... assumed the same would be in Ghost recon FS ..........assumed wrong !! )

    The only reason i got this game is for Geurilla mode.......... online reviews mentioned its great , but they dint mention about the manual matchmaking.............. hope ubisoft solves this issue........or if it was a idea from ubisoft , then its a bad idea........... pls bring MATCHMAKING IN GUERILLA MODE !!!


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    There isn't matchmaking in Guerilla mode, you can play it with friends only. There is a thread in the Consoles forum ( where you can find people to play with. I'd go there and meet some awesome players to join you!

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    PLS ASSIST US !!!!

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    If you have more queries they should be posted on the applicable Ghost Recon forum, not this forum. This General Discussion forum is for discussion not related to any of the games that have their own game-specific forums.

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