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    Can someone explain the marketing strategy to make lies like this? Why not just say from the start something like: "The PC version will be released around a month later so that we have time to polish the extra graphical features" (not that I believe that's the truth, but it's a lie no one can check at least). Instead they are making themselves look a bit silly and piss people off for no real gain that I can think of. I mean sooner or later they'll be forced to announce the delay anyway. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

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    My life is ruined!

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    Actually, the fanboys in this forum annoy me more than Ubisoft does. Some, and we all know their names, like to act like we're all stupid for criticising anything Ubi does.

    I'm not even a PC player, but I sympathise with you, Ubisoft lied, they have lied to us before. It's a huge mistake to do so, and anyone trying to defend that please have a good long think before you do so.

    Lastly, I just want to say that I love Assassin's Creed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EscoBlades View Post
    I'm sorry....but how is a small delay (which hasn't been confirmed by Ubi anyway) being treated as dirt? Delays happen all the time. And the PC version gets much more stuff at launch, stuff which needs time to be added.

    So, i don't understand your annoyance.
    seriously, stop trying to defend this.

    since ubi's atrocious DRM was scaled back they've been delaying PC versions as a last barrier against piracy - it doesn't work, nor will it encourage console sales, just inconvenience legit pc customers.

    first it was brotherhood, then revelations, future soldier was out on consoles over a month ago but the pc version comes out on the 26th
    i wouldnt be surprised if far cry 3 gets pushed back on PC too

    as for the "pc versions get more stuff at launch" point, thats nonsense.

    a reasonable delay was max payne 3. it was delayed by 2 weeks because diablo 3 came out on the same day and there was a genuine fear that pc sales would suffer if the game launched alongside diablo.
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    I am going to be like all the other annoying wanna be mod people in here and try to close this thread because it's in the wrong category.


    *****s these days

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    Ubi should just do a Bethesda and release it in a broken state, like they did with Skyrim on the ps3.......or delay it to make sure it's in a playable state , I don't care either way, I will be playing it on ps3

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    Well, i can firmly and with confidence, say that i saw this coming from day one, ever since AC3 was announced. I am not surprised in the least, and in fact, I expected this. I've learned to stop hoping for a platform-wide release on the same day.

    The only consolation is, that like ACR, the delay is only 3 or so weeks, and not half a F-ing year. But regardless of the release date, i will still have to wait another month after the PC release to play it, since it'l be so close to christmas, i know my parents won't let me play it early, of course if i got the Digital Deluxe version, they won't be able to stop me (which is probably the reason they won't let me get that)

    And Mockers...

    While this IS in the WRONG forum for this thread, most people (including the PC players) who post here on these boards spend most of their time in the Console section, since that's where all the discussions take place, the PC section is just generally used for feedback.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iNvidious02 View Post
    seriously, stop trying to defend this.
    Did you read my response? It was in direct response to his "being treated like dirt" comment. At no point did i defend the separate release date issue. Don't put words in my mouth, thanks.

    And to anyone claiming they were lied to, every trailer released (at least in the Uk region) for AC3 has clearly stated that the PC format release is "to be confirmed". So to jump to the conclusion that you were being lied to is an over reach at best. See, i can get "annoyed" too Laas4r.

    Now if we can all kindly return to some semblance of civil discussion about a topic which, and i repeat, has not been officially confirmed by Ubisoft yet, that would be great.

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    I play the game on PC and the only problem I might have with this is I don't want any spoilers, and it would be hard for me not to get any...but if it's true this only gives me more time to get money for the Collector's Editon xD

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    Lets remain civil..

    As pointed out, the PC release date has been "To Be Announced" for a few months.

    Any release information not posted by Ubisoft - should be treated as rumour.

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