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    What is UPlay?

    I am what is termed as a "silver surfer".

    I am not fully conversant with all things technical but I am more than willing to follow and learn - provided everyone speaks to me in easy-to-understand plain english as against abbreviated jargon, (which i really struggle with!).

    What is UPlay?

    I have started playing AC2, (I'm a late starter!). One of the first choices that is offered is to play the storyline or UPlay. I plumped for the storyline thinking it was the safe option as there was no instructions pertaining to UPlay.

    I am slowly realising that I may be missing out on a load of additional stuff by not using UPlay but I am still wary.

    Can anyone inform me of exactly what is involved, giving advantages and disadvantages and what I have to do?

    Can I backtrack and use UPlay now I have already started the game?

    I have only really just started having achieved the first bit of Florence and the view points and a couple of the tasks.

    I would really appreciate anyones help on this to enable me to get as much as possible out of the game.

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    Hi, Uplay unlocks exclusives for you to use within games, you can read more here

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