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    IDEA: New Wanted variant. Kind of a Wanted/Assassinate hybrid

    We all know the reason many people hate and/or do not play Wanted: The map is big, your target is all the way across it, and many times you can't even get to him/her before one of you is killed.

    Solution: Every player gets two potential targets at once, and is not assigned a new set until either

    A. They kill either of the targets,

    B. They die and respawn,

    C. Both of their targets get killed by other players,

    D. They run out of contracts by getting stunned.

    A target would be lost if he/she got killed or stunned their pursuer. There would only be one contract left until one of the above scenarios occurs.

    This would make stolen kills a little less frustrating for people that ran all the way across a map just for their kill to be stolen before they even had a chance to take it, and the game's pace would speed up because everyone would have more chances to score. This would also balance out the number of purusers everyone has, assuming Ubisoft handles distribution properly. Another bonus would be a larger variety of situations:

    Both of your targets are nearby and you have to choose one to aim for.

    One of your targets is targeting your other target. Do you wait for him to be tied up in a kill/stun with your other target, or go ahead and take one of them out?

    One or both of your targets is chasing someone you have identified as a potential pursuer. Wait, bail, or charge in?

    I think this gametype would be very interesting to play, it would be even faster-paced than Assassinate, and if done right would be a popular gametype. For instance, if you poison someone in this mode (either with or without the dart) you should not be allowed to kill your other target.

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    This would probably confuse the already-struggling contract system... but I REALLY like the idea! It sounds awesome.

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    Yeah, like I said Ubisoft would need to make sure they handled it properly, but this gametype would be incredible to watch when skilled players go at it, and the scores would skyrocket.

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    I really like this idea. With proper working contract assignment it will be the best FFA mode for me.

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    Nobody Plays wanted? Then how the hell did i play about 1k games of wanted only ? o_O beats me.

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    Saying "many people dislike or don't play Wanted" is quite different from saying "nobody plays Wanted"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReptileAssassin View Post
    and the scores would skyrocket.
    Just curious, is this why people like playing assassinate so much? Because it's potentially the highest scoring mode? Or do people just love to lock-bait others?

    OT: I'm fine with Wanted the way it is atm, except when the whole lobby are roof monkeys. But your idea sounds awesome, it would have to be one of those "I'll have to play it first before I judge whether or not I like it." It would add an interesting element to the gameplay.

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    I'm glad you guys like it.

    Something else I thought about, proper ability control would be even more important since your cooldowns are big but the rest of the game moves at a faster clip. It would really help seperate the men from the children.

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    I see one problem though. Don't you think almost everyone will just go after the easy target? Leaving the player in first (who is usually better) with 3-4 pursuers that maybe don't want to come after him.

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    He will also have two targets, and is pretty much guaranteed to be drawn near his pursuers eventually due to his targets' contracts.

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