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    is it possible doing HIIT on YSFE 2012 ?

    Hi all,

    I started playing this game about a month and manage cutting my weight about 2 kilos (77-75) height 173 cm, but have some problems and maybe need advice to fix my regime. here is my rouitne :

    I left work at 4 o'clock so I do at 4.15 till 06.15
    I always do all warming up then mainly do "brick breaker" level hard but at least I do "running" twice in the lowest difficult. my goal every workout is 600 Kcalories or at least 2 hour workout.... but in the end I sometimes doing it until 700 Kcal...

    I do 2 days workout then 1 day rest then 2 days workout again rinse and repeat....

    the problem is : I feel soo hungry after that, sometime felt dizzy at the morning and the progress is kinda slow don't you think ?

    I've thinking doing HIIT... but not know HIIT means... can I do it on YSFE 2012 ? any advice ? is afterburn effect are real ?
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