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    how to pass through this step of prince of persia

    The Palace

    As you get into the Palace proper, a trio of wizards on a balcony above you attack with an army of respawning soldiers. This may look bad at first, but considering your normal attack cuts them in half instantly, it's just not that big of a deal. Once the first wave is dead, you can quite easily murder the soldiers one by one as they respawn, which makes this the best room in the game for working on various combat-related trophies/Achievements. For example, this is the single easiest area for getting Sand Nemesis, since the soldiers appear one at a time and can be killed with one hit each.

    When you're done messing around with these guys, wall-run to activate the two switches on either end of the room, then wall-run to pull the overhead switch and open the gate. Kill or simply outrun the wizards, then duck through the gate before it closes.

    But the gate does not open . so i can't get through it.
    it heart braking to stop at this stage.
    so please help me here

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    try to buy a game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grafferu View Post
    I would much rather have the OP follow RapNoize's solution xD

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    Me too, but I don't think he will

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