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    I would like a fight club mode. Everyone loves watching a good rumble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loadedlove View Post
    I would like a fight club mode. Everyone loves watching a good rumble.
    Oh snap! Dude! That was going to be my first thread but I thought it as way too idiotic or moronic, even as sarcasm lol. But since you mention it, bare knuckle boxing man! The invisible man versus the hunchback engineer! That would be rad... Very rad man.

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    I would imagine that the engineer would have the advantage, he has all that weight he can throw into his swing.

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    Of course, you can't move too fast with the cloak or it will be uneffective so he wso be the slower fighter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neqtan1980 View Post
    Yes this exactly what you need to do. Learn to play the game as it is. Learn to play differently than all the other shooters you have played before. If you can see from another perspective many of the gadgets dont do much different than other games.

    For example:

    Emp's remove the hud. Stingers and Ats in MW3 destroy UAVs. BF3 has the ability to take down detection. Very similar functionality.

    MW3 and BF3 have UAV's or similar.

    Theres sentry guns in MW3

    Noob tubes, mortar strikes, kill streaks, rpg's, etc. all of witch can keep the enemy off an objective in MW3 or BF3.

    Claymores, Bouncing Betty vs Stun Mines yes I think MW3 and BF3 have similar equipment as well.

    The heck with sensors to see through walls. On BF3 if they are camping in building bring it down. Then we will sort out what was inside.

    Invisibility well you got me. No other shooter I know of has that. Fallout comes to mind but thats not the same topic. Just good old fashioned silencers, lol.

    Cover Systems hmm Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, it gos on. The cover system is good as is. But you dont have to use it all the time. I have learned at times it is a hinderence to speed.

    Unfair Respawns pfft realy that is on every MP shooter I have ever played. Spawning with the enemy, spawning into gun fire, I have even spawned into claymores that someone else tripped.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    You see. This game aint that diferent after all. Just tech that does the same job other things did. Would you ask the DEVS of every game to make something completely different than the design of the game to satisfy your play style? Lets ask Activision to make a game mode thats third person just to satisfy the rest of us who like that sort of thing. It is what it is, love it or leave it.
    It's not that simple. There are many other things to take into account, along with the fact many players who have adjusted to FS's play style are now exploiting it.

    EMPs don't just remove the HUD, they disable electronics (regardless of teams), including thermal scopes. It's a fair use item, but there are many players who will not hesitate to spam them.

    I can't quite recall what Battlefield's UAVs did, but Modern Warfare's couldn't be controlled (apart from MW3), mostly only scanned in waves, and only displayed data on the mini map. The proper parallel for FS would be the camera.

    Modern Warfare's sentry guns are considerably more visible.

    Noob tubes....Modern Warfare doesn't stick you against a wall and Battlefield's maps are far less confined, making mobility and effective tube range less of an issue there.

    Sensors. Bringing down a building only works if someone's inside. When you're playing against a team half stocked with Engineers more than happy to lob sensors at any turn, it doesn't become a camping deterrent. It actually enforces camping, because you can't move without being seen and can therefore walk into a trap unprepared. Better to sit down and point guns at all entrances and wait for the sensor sweep to clear. Unfortunately, the game timers don't care one way or another. Skill or no skill, you won't fare well at all against a team that can constantly track your every move.

    FS's spawning is awkward. You can spawn on teammates only under specific conditions, but since it doesn't have Battlefield's large maps, it can go pear-shaped more than half the time.

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