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    Well the thing is story doesn't really have much of an impact in videogames. A game is just that, an interactive experience that challenges both your intellect, memory and reflexes. Games are not ever going to be in the same league as a book and there's no way a game can ever translate into a successful film because the plotlines are too silly and melodromatic. Can you imagine COD or Battlefield being presented on the big screen with its corny dialogue and lame plot? Name me one Videogame that was successfully translated to film? Tomb Raider? Mario Bros? How about Far Cry? Cmon...

    And who ever said it'd be a silent game?!? The various missions can still impact on the characters with verbal responses based on the personality of the characters, much the same as Insurgency did. My idea is for the game to return to being more towards going to it's tactical/stealth roots and focusing on it with a variety of singular missions that are not connected by one story but are themselves individual. Where the layout of the level can be navigated differently depending on the level of skill and experience your character is comprised of. It'd be a great co-op game too. It worked for the earlier Rainbow Six games, I don't see why it wouldn't work for Splinter cell too.
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    6,747 can very muchbe in the same league as books or movies. The reason for why games dont translate well into movies is because the stories are built differently. They're not made to BE movies. So when a movie is made based on said game, they have to alter it to fit the movie category better. They have to change numerous things. The problem is, I think, that the changes never reflect the game well at all. There can be changes made that still carry forward the same ideas, principles, etc. of the game but in a more traditional cinematic way.

    Its the same reason why books turned into movies have to alter things, cut things, etc. Each is made differently, utilizing different tools in order to tell a story. A comic utilizes different tools than other media, films use their own, books their own, and games their own.

    They're all art but every form of art is different and doesn't necessarily transplant well to another form. Try making a movie or book based on Starry Night by Van Gogh. And I don't mean about the history of the piece...I mean based on the piece itself. It wouldn't work without a little imagination on the part of the person who's adapting it.
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