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    Patch: Inc-live-dev-Enc-GRO-261332.1

    Wassup? After starting up my GRO launcher it downloaded an update, is the next test getting near?

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    June 18th.

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    Hey guys,

    in the North American section of this forum, you can see the patch notes for the current version 0.7.0 - the one that has been pushed to the launcher yesterday.

    here you can see the official changelog:

    June 18th seems to be the start of the next phase, according to a hidden binary code in the lower left of one of Chemzeros "where the hell is gro"-pictures Here you can see the thread:

    And this is the picture I'm talking about:
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    Awesome picture you have!

    If I ever across a cat wearing a baby diaper as hood in close distance...I am screwed.

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    That pic was also used by IGN a few weeks ago as Assassins' Creed Cat

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    Quote Originally Posted by spikevamp84 View Post
    That pic was also used by IGN a few weeks ago as Assassins' Creed Cat
    I did not know, but wow!

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