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    Ghost Recon and The Playstation Move

    Hey does anyone know if this game can work with the sharpshooter if so how to get it to work?

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    No, Playstation Move is only available with Gunsmith mode.

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    yep thats once big huge step from ubi to make you buy PSmove to put up your gun together...god with each Tc' game they make it more really if you put PSmove in it , make it fully useble in the game and not some gimic that is rediculasly putted in to boring phase part of the did nicely with kinect but really , Psmove for this o.0 ??? joystick is more easier to controll in Gunsmith than Psmove like you guys could put it as in killzone 3 or other games where it controlls your aiming during acctual gaming giving you pressision edge if you are skilled and not some cheap gunsmith tool......... /).o once again ubi devs you screwed up....

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