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    Need a new headset, don't know what to choose.

    I've been looking around and reading reviews, but would like some opinions on the matter. Is it better to buy a headset with attached mic, or to buy a pair of good headphones and mic? It just seems to me that the regular headsets with the boom mic, lack the sound quality you could get from a separate headphones and attachable noise canceling mic...

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    Logitech's headsets, though somewhat flimsy, have excellent sound quality. I've tried other brands of headsets, and Logitech's behind the head ones simply work fine.

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    I personally use my beats or monster turbine earbuds. But thats only because i hate full on headsets they drive me crazy. And my mic works just peachy in my laptop.

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    If you just want a headset, you can check this one out:
    It's refurbished but I will attest that mine has worked very well so far. Might I note though that the bass is a little weak and there's no noise canceling.
    The retail price should be around $80, but you can have it for only $40! I need a Vanna White here...

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    V7 USB Digital Headset with Noise Cancelling Microphone

    is a good one at walmart for only $21.88
    it has Usb so you could use it on your ps3 too if ya use a ps3

    1.8m USB cord connectivity
    Studio Hi-Fi sound quality
    Soft bass
    Wide extensity
    Volume control
    Noise cancelling microphoneAdjustable headband

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    Stay away from desktop mics. The people using them have never had to listen to people using them. Get something with a boom mic, your fellow gamers will thank you. These are fairly cheap, good sound quality, good mic.

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    Try the gioteck ec-05 got it and it worked pefectly.

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    I really like my CM Storm Sirus 5.1 head set. The sound quality is pretty darn good. The 5.1 surround works well enough to hear reacons sneeking up behind you.....
    They have really helped me stay alive In GRO....

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    Headsets vs dedicated headphones + mic:
    for gaming, a headset is a must imo, but it really boils down to convenience/comfort vs price.

    I would recommend anything by plantronics - they're on the cheapish side ($30-50) so won't break the bank, and the sound quality is pretty decent. They won't compare with the high end headphones (like sennheiser etc) - but they are also 1/2-1/3rd the price. My last two headsets have been plantronics and I can attest they hold up good to frequent use (my current ones being 5-6 years old). I would also suggest getting a pair of behind the ear style rather than over the head style as even though headphones weigh very little, after wearing an over the head set the top of your head will start to get sore from the constant pressure. Plantronics used to be (is?) also the oem manufacturer for a lot of companies that outsource their products - including Nasa. It's unlikely the same quality and care goes into producing their commercial products, but obviously they know their stuff. I've never had a problem with them (until I stepped on my first pair and broke the head-band).

    I wouldn't touch anything logitech makes with a 10 foot pole. I had two headsets from them prior to the plantronics ones and the mic crapped out after about 6 months on both sets. Not from me yelling into it, or dropping it on the floor, or any unusual use - it just died. They are of very cheap quality, and I find you end up paying more for the brand name than the actual gear. They do make good mice though (usually) but they will also drop driver support for them without reason. Not too many comfortable alternatives for mice though.

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    Another +1 for Logitech, there gaming line of products is awesome and you get legendary customer service. Here's two examples that I've personally experienced:

    1. Back when the Logitech MX Revolution Wireless mouse first came out it was priced around $120. It had some new features that not a lot of mice had, and some still don't. Anyway, I believe it came with a 1 or 3 year warranty (not exactly sure). 5 years after I purchased it it just stopped working, I submitted a support ticket asking for any advice they had since they warranty was expired. Instead of giving me some advice they just sent me a new mouse free of charge, I didn't even have to pay for shipping.
    2. A year ago I bought a G110 keyboard from them, the software was causing some weird disconnection issues at the time (would go into a connected/disconnected USB device loop). I submitted a support ticket, they acknowledged that it was a known software issue, and then decided that the best course of action would be to send me another keyboard... While the keyboard was shipping to me a software update was released that fixed the problem. Now I had an extra G100, unboxed in its original plastic wrapping, as a backup haha.

    I have a Logitech G930 Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset from them (simulated surround of course, but it does a really good job). It's the same as the G35 Headset only wireless. If you don't need wireless I'd suggest you get the G35 instead of the G930. I grabbed the G930 because I like to watch movies from my bed and most wired headsets make that awkward.

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