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    Blog: "my little what?"

    BLOG: "MY LITTLE WHAT?" by Sunie_FDC

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    Pinky Pie!!! I love Pinky Pie she's so fun and random and and and awwwww :3 <3 Rainbow dash is my second favorite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega3w View Post
    Pinky Pie!!! I love Pinky Pie she's so fun and random and and and awwwww :3 <3 Rainbow dash is my second favorite.
    I rather like Pinky Pie too! She's so perky! XD

    Rainbow Dash takes the cake for me though, I relate to her pretty well, lol. :3

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    It's really hard all the MLP are so great. Applejack is pretty awesome too! A hard workin' country gal. Rarity is so generous and elegant. Fluttershy is so sweet and soft spoken. And Twilight Sparkle is soooo smart and talented! Ugh I only recently got into MLP and my husband makes fun of me for it but I can't help it! It's just so good so well written. That and Lauren Faust is an amazing animator.I don't know why she isn't credited for it but I'm pretty sure she also did the Secret of the Kells movie which was stunning.

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    I'm surprised by how well put together the series is, originally thinking it's just fluff, but there's some substance behind it. I think Fluttershy is my favorite pony, whenever she had to stand up and take charge, it shows. Now what about Derpy? She's clumsily adorable. Then there are the "cameo" ponies like the Big Lebowski crew, something for the older fans, that was a nice touch.

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    Wow... I feel soooo old all of a sudden.... I watched Goldorak (Grandizer), G Force, GI JOE, Candy, Belle & Sebastian... and so on...
    But got got hooked a lil while the first season of Pokémon... I admit!
    But My lil pony looked like when I watched it... in the 80's lolll

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    I'm starting to really come to the realization that I am Pinky Pie in the flesh. Everyone I know agrees. x3 I think I'm okay with that! As long as everyone else is. =D

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