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    There's no actual virus...

    So for everyone who's complaining about some of the latest updates being detected as a virus, I uploaded the two common files that were being flagged to An actual virus will usually be flagged by more than one anti-virus, and that's obviously not the case here. RDVDLL.dll Yeti_Release.exe What's happening is simply a "false-positive". Some code, especially debugging and development code, looks suspicious to a lot of anti-virus programs when really it isn't. You will likely have to do the following to get your game running again:
    1. Set the entire Ghost Recon Online installation directory as an exception in your Anti-Virus client. This procedure is different for every Anti-Virus so you will need to look up how to do it on Google.
    2. Restrore the "infected" or "harmful" file (in this case, "Yeti_Release.exe") to its original location.

    Alternatively you can temporarily disable your Anti-Virus if it's just blocking Yeti and it hasn't moved/hidden it in a virus-vault somewhere. I don't recommend this though. If you're still having problems, please submit a support ticket by clicking the following link:

    If your Anti-Virus deleted "Yeti_Release.exe" and/or "RDVDLL.dll", please do the following:

    1. Make absolutely sure that you add the GRO installation directory to your Anti-Virus.
    2. Download the replacement files TO THE INSTALLATION DIRECTORY. If you don't download it there it might get flagged again and deleted.
    3. Open the file and extract and replace the files in the ZIP to the NCSA-Live folder in your installation directory.


    VirusTotal Report (similar to above, showing a false-positive)
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    This can be resolved by Ubisoft sending its work files over to AVG directly so that they'll remove the false positive detect D:

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    False positive indeed, I'll alert the dev team.

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    How do you get the file back if you are using norton?

    How do you get the file back if you are using norton?

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