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    Question NEED TEAM PLAYERS GRFS (18 Yrs n up)

    Need good team players who work together but also like to goof off. Dont whine about KDR. Friend me or message if interested. PSN CaptainBooky

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    I want someone who isn't age prejudiced.

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    I say 18 n up cuz i tend to swear wen i play. Prefer 12yr olds not to hear.

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    Sure I am down I am so tired of having the only mic on my team I like teams that can talk and communicate. Feel free to send me a xbox friend request gamertag is same as username, Usually on late nights 9pm EST - whenever I fall asleep, and sometimes late afternoons if I am bored. BTW I am 24 although I don't sound it lol.

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    i dont have xbox. PS3

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    Only have xbox360 sorry then.

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    me2. sry.

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    add me buddy

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