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    LOL COD:MW3 and BF3 had issues day one. In fact on BF3 I couldn't even play it for the first week online it just didn't work because the servers were down. Wow! How quickly we forget when it gets fixed. I hope this will be the same case for GR:FS in a few months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Climbmaster1 View Post
    LOL COD:MW3 and BF3 had issues day one. In fact on BF3 I couldn't even play it for the first week online it just didn't work because the servers were down. Wow! How quickly we forget when it gets fixed. I hope this will be the same case for GR:FS in a few months.
    Yea but BF3 had a massive influx of people to deal with this game doesn't. This game is almost a month old and still plays like the beta, explain that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IExecrate View Post
    Another dumb *** INABILITY to SUCCESSFULLY get a group of friends together. I just told you how the system works.
    First of all YOU didn't tell me SH!T...

    Im not talking about how the game will move players around so the game will start. Im talking about accepting a game invite to play, make it to the lobby, game starts to load, and you are greeted with CONNECTION TO SERVER LOST! Over and over again.

    My friends and I have the HARDEST time being able to get into matches together and I know I'm not the only person that has experienced this.

    Bugs I can deal with as well as infrequent connection issues but, the servers are so UNSTABLE and plain VOLATILE that it makes me cringe. Im 33y/young...been playing since the 2600, I've played great games, good games, bad games , and terrible games. I believe GR:FS is a GREAT GAME BUT, on some bad games and even some terrible games that I've played[ that were online shooters] had more STABLE servers than this....just saying

    As I said b4 I will defend GR:FS FIERCELY but, I'm not blind nor will I give a pass to certain mechanics of this game that should work on a CONSISTENT basis.

    And neither should you!

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    I'l add to this that if they sort out the connection issues and make it so that dashboarding hosts don't disconnect everyone and it goes to host migration, then there will be little problem.

    Not that it is an excuse but MANY games have major problems with networking when they are first released these days. So long as it is sorted out sooner rather than later I have no problem. I'l be annoyed with Ubi if they don't, and we don't get a decent patch until 5 months on ( BF3 ). Until then though I'm not getting annoyed.

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    wow that sucks, cuz I really do love this game. Its frustrating with the issues it already has, to have the additional issues of not being able to play really sucks.

    Can you go to and check you speed? Do you have any issues with lag or connectivity in other games? Are you using wireless? Can you join other friends, or try playing by yourself? Can you have your friend check all of the above suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zenettii View Post
    To be fair, I understand your frustration. But it is a fool that expect any new product/game to go live and be perfect from the word go. Bugs will be found and will be fixed.

    It's a shame that you were ignorant to compare GRFS to COD. Thats like comparing Pacman to Street fighter. They are two completely different genre of game. I beg you to find a better 3rd person shooter, or any 3rd person game.

    I am guessing you consider 1 month long beta to be sufficient testing for any piece of software? patience is a virtue, offering constructive feedback politely is just plain good manners.

    If you don't like the game I would suggest you go trade the game in. Then you get exactly what you want and the rest of us are lucky enough to see the back of you,

    I'm sure you make all americans proud of your ranting skills under that name.
    Its idiots like you that keep the video game industry able to charge top dollar for unfinished products that are unplayable. I WILL NEVER BUY A UBI OR EA GAME AGAIN, period. You want to pay your hard earned money for crap be my guest but pretending this kind of **** is ok means Your a complete moron. Its 2012 FFS this game is not up to par imo we should all get our money back, i tried to, 22 bucks i would have got after about 15 days of the game being out..... we got robbed and UBI knows it so **** them, dont buy their **** products.

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    If you are seperated it is due to you joining a game in progress and there is not enough space for all of you in one group, that WILL change at the lobby after the match has ended, its all about patience.

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    I just hope the Ub soft people read the issues that people post on here. The game is awesome but it's frustrating as heck when all you want to do is play with your friends and the servers won't allow it due to crashing, bugs or serious lag. PLEASE FIX THESE ISSUES!

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