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    Angry Does Ezio get go outside of Rome in Brotherhood?

    When aquiring new recruits for your Brotherhood, they get to go on contracts outside of Rome. Question is does Ezio ever get outside of Rome, say maybe to Paris, France, or Moscow? When I watched the game get installed on to the computer, I saw a number of other maps (*.forge files) get installed besides Rome, so does Ezio get to do a mission outside of Rome, or replay what his recuits did?

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    He does go outside Rome in Leonardo's missions, but within Italy. He also goes somewhere else later in game, but I won't spoil.

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    the maps you saw might be from multyplayer, but like sidspyker said, we shouldn't spoil this great game good luck finding out!

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    Whilst most of the game is set in Rome, there are some places outside. As sidspyker24 mentioned, you can have different maps in Leonardo's missions and you go someplace outside Rome later in the game. You can also access SOME places in Florence and Venice through memories, but I won't tell you anymore...

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