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    My computer detects a virus when i try to update a patch for GRO beta

    I opened up my GR online and it promted me to update and as i did i got to the end of it and my anti virus dected a threat that and the file it found was the "RDVDLL.dll".
    i tried to ignore it and continue but it keeps happing.

    is anyone else experiencing this?
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    Im guessing its the update for the GR coin beta

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    There is no GRFS online beta. This is GRO, a different game than GRFS.
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    Sorry i mean GRO.....but you know what i mean

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    submit a ticket with the devs

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    what do you mean a ticket?

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    He means a support ticket, which you can submit here.

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    What NIGGJITSU is saying is that his virus protection is detecting :"yeti_release.exe" as a virus. What you can do is just re-install the GRO and when your virus protection detects it click on "Details" and remove the restriction by allowing to restore "yeti_release.exe". I have Norton Virus protection, if that's your's i can help you but if it's something else you might have to figure out on your own. Hope that helps!

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    Here's a thread proving that it's a false-positive:
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    That infographic is full of win.

    <3 our players.

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