View Poll Results: What do you think about SC B so far?

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  • Im super excited and cant wait to see more.

    9 45.00%
  • Im completely depressed and hate where the game is going

    4 20.00%
  • I dont know yet. Im inconclusive yet. I need more gameplay to make a decision

    7 35.00%
  • Indifferent. couldnt care less. Only nessie, the lochness monster would make this game interesting.

    0 0%
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    So from the looks of things around 50% like it, and the other 50% either dont or arent sure. hopefully by release, the 50% that dont like it or arent sure will migrate to the other side.

    If you think about it, the more and more things are startingto shop the more people are starting to change their minds for the better. After all, the shooter things stand out right away and theres not much more they can add in terms of that.

    The majority of the storm has passed. Now its time to see the interesting stuff.
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    I really enjoyed conviction and hope that blacklist won't disappoints.
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