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    Just a suggestion.

    This may have been brought up already, but I'm not sure as I'm new to the forums. As far as I can tell there is no way for American players and European players to play together. I have a few friends from overseas who are in the beta, but we can't play together. It's kind of frustrating. I would suggest that if Inter-Regional games were implemented, the majority of match-making should still be region-locked, but you should be able to either join an international queue, or even host private matches that allow players from other regions. Just a thought.

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    Being able to play against people from all over the world is a fantastic idea, but it would be very hard to do and keep the match fair and competitive. The player closer to the host server will have an advantage, and that advantage will increase as the respective distances increases. Currently, we are playing only against players in North America, and there are even now problems with players lagging. Increasing the distance disparity will only worsen the problem.

    That being said, I would like to see limited international capability. Of course, all participants would need to actively seek this option, and it should be difficult enough to access so that players could not accidentally activate the option.

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    Hey SquidMammoth‎ and JDCAce. You guys make a great point. The opportunity to interact with friends overseas is a great idea given the obstacle of having players connections possibly causing issues in-game. We appreciate your feedback on helping us create a great GRO experience for you so keep them coming.


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