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    Talking Trials of the Old Monhalm

    I have lost in this map so many times now. Does anyone have any tips to how to take it. I have taken out the blue one 2 times and still lost, These IA are just so quick in getting VP.

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    Go passive

    Don't attack anything, if you really want just a win and go on forward.
    Build a fence, then go at the game as you would, making sure to add forester/sawmill, get some more stone and make sure you have efficiant tool production/iron/coal/steel.
    Then add farms, and also a church. If you can upgrade the church to its highest level with enough speed it will help but its not always necessary, get plenty of beautifications in there too. When you've built enough you'll win by points. Sell coats but get soldiers only for the field marshall point you get.
    Also you'll need the knowledge point, the banker point, by adding to knowledge tree and bank you'll get them back if you lose them and if you don't attack anything you'll get the point for passiveness.
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    Thank you, finaly. And it only took 32 min. Insted of a week of trying again and again and.......

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    No problem

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