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    Is there an explanation of the Achievements anywhere?
    Some of the questions I have:
    • Does the whole wilson/house differentiation have any relevance?
    • What are the Points it mentions?
    • Are there any bonuses for finishing an Achievements?
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    Hello silentguy12345
    A list of achievements is found by clicking on the trophy on the game screen.
    House MD Team

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    I know that but as you can see, my questions are about what you actually see when you click on it. for instance, there are "points" beside the achievements, but i have not seen those points show up anywhere. the achievements are also grouped into blue and orange, which seems to be house and wilson, but there is no explanation about that either.

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    im rather confused about same matter currently im at HOUSE 25/29 and wilson 27/28

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    - The Wilson - House differentiation is only there (I believe) to push you into wanting to get more achievements. There's no real point to it, so don't be bothered about it .
    - You get points for every achievement. You can't do anything with the points, but it roughly gives an overview of how hard the achievements are. Obviously an achievement that gets you 10 points is probably less time/energy consuming than one of 25.
    - No bonuses so far that I have noticed.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks again for your comments and help to other players.

    House MD Team

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    but if u look closely on achievement there is a trophy and inside that there is a letter H or W for house or wilson =)

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    Good tip!

    House MD Team

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    but still unclear wth they mean? =)

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    I see what you mean: House has a orange colored line around his head while Wilson has a blue colored line. The achievements have either orange or blue backgrounds. If you get one with orange it adds a point to House's total and if you get a blue one it adds to Wilson's total.
    At the moment I am at 27/29 and 27/28 so I don't know what will happen when I complete either House or Wilson or both.

    I don't think there will be an award or something, but maybe a player that has finished the achievements can help?

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