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    Angry Please help - noble tempest bug

    i only got the game today and im on the noble tempest mission, where you have to collect the CIA agents package. on one part of the mission, after going through the square where a helicopter flies by, a wall is in your way. everytime i play it either Pepper or 30k crawls under the wall but carries on into the other wall and does not stop. i cannot continue the game as i have to breach a door with all four ghost. please help
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    I have the same problem. Have u resolved it yet?
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    Same problem they know about it but have not fixed it yet.
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    They're aware of the problem and are working on it. I had the same bug, actually! I had to sort of walk around to try and get Pepper to go ahead of me. It took two tries and I got it to work.

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    I have a similar problem, but as soon as the mission loads up i can't move!
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    I FIXED IT ...!!! its simple....i restarted da game.. and when da MISSION starts, do not go into da ground. just go right and run before them, and block da little gap below where 30k or pepper crawls and do it by crawling. when GHOST LEAD comes let him PASS and when either Pepper or 30K comes simply block it and they will climb if dis didnt work and he crawls thru,, follow da earlier rules and dont move for a while and crawl slowly after a short while i.e. dont stand and crawl slowly to da left and he should FOLLOW YOU ....WORKED FOR ME.....
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