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    Guardian Knights (GK) Recruting US Players Xbox 360

    Looking for new people to join my squad. We are a good squad that plays for fun. But we do play to win and dominate. We communicate a lot so, a mic is required. We do act immature from time to time but noting too annoying. I am taking all skill levels newbies to pros. I am will to teach newbies the ropes of this game. In addition, I can help people in the squad gain high amounts of XP. I have maxed out all classes in this game. Which, gives me insight on the strengths and weaknesses of all classes. I play mostly conflict but I have played all game types. My GT is Lasermarx either reply to this post, msg me on Xbox live or on the Ghost Recon Squad Invites. See you on the battlefield solider!

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    I am interested in joining, I am tired of playing with randoms. I love playing FS and I love to win, but more than anything I wanna have fun. I have a good headset and I communicate well. I am fairly new to FS but I am loving it so far. Gamertag is trunkmonky68.

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