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    Energy to diagnose in clinic

    I found a annoying effect concerning the clinic. You need one energy to diagnose a person (and you gain nothing for the diagnosis). If you leave or reload the page, the clinic is empty again. this can lead to having spent quite a bit of energy without gaining anything.

    Personally i would prefer diagnosis to be free, seeing how my patients seem to be irregularly spread thought the problem areas, meaning that i have to diagnose a lot of ppl to find one that matches my friends consulting power or gives the right item when treated with meds.

    Another option would be to be able to dismiss diagnosed ppl but have them stay through reloads.

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    Hello, silentguy12345 -- Unfortunately, that's how the game is set up. We always look at suggestions and make changes when warranted, and we appreciate your thoughts here. The game is constantly evolving. Thanks for your feedback!

    House MD Team

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    Yeah I know that's how it works, it was more of a "something to think about" and not a "how do i do this" kinda post

    Oh, and if you don't feel like implementing either of those changes, maybe it would be nice to at least get a small marker or something for diagnosed patients

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    You never know -- that actually sounds like a possibility.

    Thanks for your posts.

    House MD Team

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    I agree.... wasting energy when I am looking to put someone in one lab or the other, trying to get more budget! Get five people in a row that all can only go in the MRI lab when I need someone for blood work- wasted 5 energy right there!

    At least implement a feature where WE decide what kind of lab work is required in a case, and/or some kind of marker after a person is clicked that reminds us of all the pertinent info upon mouseover.

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