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    Unhappy Energy

    Could you lower the time you have to wait before you get 1 Energy, or give more Energy at a single time? I find it extremely tedious and boring to wait for a long time... just for 1 Energy!

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    Hi DoctorPsycho -- we understand your concerns. Nothing can be done in the short term, but we always appreciate suggestions. Just know that the game is constantly evolving and being fine-tuned for the best player experience possible!

    House MD Team

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    I dont find 4 minutes too big ammount of time. When you get on higher level. you got a lot of energy. And regaining time its ok. You could log out for several hours and dont need to be every minute and be addicted too much

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    I agree, it's frustrating that you don't have enough energy to play for more than a few minutes at a time. It would be nice to have more ways to get energy.

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    Hello lufcrace (and everyone else) -- thanks for your comments. Please know that the game is constantly being tweaked and evolving to make the player experience better.

    House MD Team

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    4 minutes is really not that much considering that some Zynga games take 8. Add lots of friends, send and request energy and help with their investigations. That way you'll stack up some coffee cups. What I absolutely love about this game is that it doesn't have inventory limit. Another thing you can do is level up. As you progress your energy cap rises. I'm currently at 96. This game has some really good features that make it so playable. All we need is more cases and possibly another minigame and we're good to go

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    Thanks for your comments -- we always appreciate feedback.

    House MD Team

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