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    Far Cry 3 PC - Dunia Engine Question

    I learnt that the game will run on a modified and upgraded Dunia Engine the same engine of Far Cry 2.My PC can run Far Cry 2 on Very High graphics. Does that mean that I can run Far Cry 3 on almost the same settings?

    P.S-By the way I heard that in E3 if you let them shave your head like Vaas' with a Mohawk you get a free copy of Far cry 3. Is that true?? **** why can't I go to L.A??

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    heheh, yes it is true. Sorry for your loss. But anyway, it is updated, and WAY maxed out compared to FC2. It was a new engine, so they couldn't really maximize its results. This is an UPDATED one, and they now know every nook and cranny of how to use it. So it will undoubtedly have some higher settings needed, but I'm not sure of your PC's power so I can't say whether you can or not.. They still haven't released the minimum requirements for the game yet, so you'll just have to wait, I guess. :L

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    Yeah the Dunia engine is very economical on resources. It´s maybe an improved version of the engine for FC3, but should also very spare, compared to other game engines.

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