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    Game hangs

    I've been trying to access the game all day long, it hangs on the loading screen. I've cleared my cache, and restarted my computer. Any other suggestions?

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    I am having the same problem, yesterday afternoon it said that the game was down for maintence. last night i got no message, but just stuck on the loading page, same with this morning and this afternoon.

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    Hello dmg5481 -- I'm having no problems personally, so it seems that it isn't a game thing as much as an individual thing. If it were a game problem, we would be hearing a LOT more complaints than just these two, which is all I see right now.

    House MD Team

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    so no other suggestions? nothing?

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    JerimyCarroll: I would suggest that you be sure your browser is up to date and that the cookies and cache have been cleared. You could also tell us some additional information to see if we can see any other potential problems:
    - What operating system are you using? Windows/Mac?
    - What browser are you using? IE/Firefox/Chrome? What version?
    - What flash version are you using?
    - Please let us know if you need help getting any of the above data points. We can provide instructions.

    Thanks again for your assistance!

    House MD Team

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