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    Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood

    Is there a patch or one planned so this game will run in Windows 7, the other two games in series run fine in Windows 7.

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    Hello jimelder38

    Unfortunately with the age of the game and the amount of money that goes into creating a patch there will not be an update that will fix the compatibility issue with the later operating systems.

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    Easy fix for me

    I found that if you own BIA RTH30 you can easily bypass the security for EIB. On windows 7, I simply installed BIA EIB, then inserted my RTH30 disk and (without installing RTH30), simply copied the BIA.exe from the RTH30 disk. and inserted it into the system folder of the EIB (C:/ubisoft/BIA EIB/system). I Also removed the EIB.exe from the EIB system folder.... I simply started the game with the BIA.exe and it works perfect.... i was so happy hope that helps.... the rules of the forum prevent me from proclaiming what this is similar to but for those who do these operations frequently its apparent.... and other posts pertaining to this problem are over complicated and confusing.... its a simple copy and paste.... assuming you own a legitimate copy of Road to hill 30.... which i would hope you do.... these are two of the best games ever made.... glad to help if you still don't get it

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    defose89 - pity you didn't post that a few weeks ago, you could have saved me £7! My solution was to buy the Steam version of Earned In Blood which works fine on Windows 7 (although I can't connect to any multiplayer games) - galling I had to buy it but my retail version no longer worked and I couldn't find a solution online.

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    i was just wondering has anyone come across a point in this game- brothers in arm where a file is missing ? cus as i was playing there was this level that wasn't loading , it said SK_DE_Cityfight file missing . so i just wanted to know is there any level/ mission called cityfight ???! can someone please shed some light on this ?

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    Defos, Could you spell this out again please. I uninstalled my disk copy of Hill30 first. Then I installed EIB into the Win7 system. Next I inserted the H30 disk without installing it. I'm having trouble with the next part. Copying the BIA.exe from the 30 disk and pasting it into the EIB system folder. I don't see the specific folder. Also not sure how to delete the EIB.exe from the EIB system folder. Maybe I'll just buy it on Steam.

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