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    Red face [Mac] Comments to "Myst IV: System Requirements and Posting Guidelines" Thread

    I have a few comments on the Mac Systems Requirements for Myst IV, which I realize come from the UbiSoft website:

    Requirements for MAC
    Supported OS: OSX 10.2, 10.3 (only)
    Processor: G4 700 MHz or better (G5 recommended)
    RAM: 128 MB RAM
    Video Card: 32 MB video card (64 MB recommended)(see supported list below)
    Sound Card: Standard
    QuickTime: Version 5 or higher
    DVD: 4x DVD or faster
    Hard Drive Space: 3.5 GB free

    Supported video chipsets:
    -- AMD/ATI Radeon 7500 to 9600 or later
    -- NVIDIA GeForce 2/4/FX families or later

    These chipset families are the only ones that will run this game. However, laptop models of these chipsets are NOT fully supported.
    I have found that once installed on a PPC PowerMac running Mac OS X v 10.4, this game runs fine under as high a version of Tiger as v 10.4.11. However, because of changes in Java included in OS X updates beyond v 10.3, Myst IV cannot be installed to those later versions. (The Myst IV installer will fail to find certain Java files.)
    My solution to this was to run an "Archive and Install" operating system installation from my original Mac OS X v 10.4 installation disc, then install Myst IV, then install the v 1.0 to 1.03 Myst IV patch, and then update the operating system to 10.4.11 using Apple's "Combo Update." This is something of a pain, but once installed in that manner, the game will play fine under 10.4.11.
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    I note your comment that your solution "is something of a pain" to implement.

    In the interest of simplifying your solution, I humbly offer my Myst IV Mac Installer. It's designed specifically for the Mac (PowerPC) version of Myst IV (and includes the v1.03 patch files), and replaces the official installer included on the DVD.

    Written entirely in Applescript, this installer uses a simple concept familiar to all Mac users… use the Finder to copy items from the DVDs to your Hard Drive. Originally created to handle install issues on Intel Macs, it's just as relevant to your situation. It offers the same install options as the official installer (choice of language, install type and location) and is just as easy to use.

    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to test it on OS X 10.4 since I don't have that System… the only question is whether or not the script code is fully compatible with the older version of Applescript included with OS X 10.4.

    I would really appreciate your help with this matter. If possible, please test it on your machine and let me know the result.

    Here's a simple time saving tip. If Myst IV is currently installed on your computer, you don't need to perform a new installation from scratch (of course, you can if you want to).
    Simply run the installer, browse to your existing installation when choosing your location, and select the "Myst IV Revelation" folder (see Note), then proceed as normal.

    [Note: This installer is capable of thoroughly checking your existing installation in only a few seconds (saving you over 20 minutes!)… "Myst IV Revelation" is the default folder for this installer, however if you're looking to reinstall an existing installation from the official installer, then the name will probably be different. This doesn't matter anymore since the installer will now use whatever name applies to you. Simply select the folder as normal.]
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    A little scary...


    Keeping in mind that my PPC PowerMac 2.7 GHz G5 is NOT an Intel machine, I downloaded and ran the first portion of your Myst IV installer. I encountered no problems, but did not follow the instruction to insert my Myst IV DVD #1. Reason being that if the "re-installation" did not go well, I might be forced to go through my previous "pain," which does not appeal to me. If you can guarantee that running your app to its completion will not screw up my existing installation, I will attempt the complete re-installation.

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    Just for reference Bill, you can actually do a manual install of Myst IV by copying files from the discs yourself. On both discs there's an invisible folder called "common" containing all the files you need - you can get to it from the Finder using Go > Go To Folder. You may have trouble updating to 1.03 if you do it this way though.

    I don't know exactly what the problem with the installer is since I don't have that system either but it may be simply a problem with the mac.command file which you can avoid by running the installer from Terminal with this command:
    java -cp /Volumes/Myst4_1/Macinstaller.jar run

    For bruman and anyone else technically-minded, the Myst IV installer on Intel suffers much the same problem as the Myst V installer and can be fixed by patching in the same "libmacosxppk.jnilib" file from Ubisoft's Myst V installer patcher.

    Lastly, my own installer (see sig) will work on 10.4 through 10.7, both PPC and Intel. Guaranteed not to mess up your existing installation :)
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    wstrohm, thank you so much, and I completely understand your concerns (I'd feel exactly the same way in your position).

    First up, an apology. My previous note that "Myst IV Revelation" was the default folder name for installations using the official installer was incorrect. It's actually "MystIV".
    [Please note: This paragraph has been edited since the info it previously contained is no longer relevant... the issue has been addressed (see Note in post #2 above).]

    I can confidently guarantee that the installer won't screw up your existing installation.
    Gannet7's opening comment should also reassure you, since this installer is basically an automation of that manual process, with the inclusion of the V1.03 update patch files.

    The installer is non-destructive, in that it will never delete an existing installation… it will simply move it to the trash if you choose to cancel.

    When you insert your DVDs, the installed files will be compared to the originals. In your case, nothing should be replaced, except for a one time update of your Support folder (which is only documentation).

    Since you haven't asked me a couple of obvious questions, I'll assume that your test run wasn't directed at your existing installation.

    When you click "Install", if you've chosen your existing installation and it's complete, here's what should happen:
    - "libBinkMachO.dylib" & "myst4" files will be moved to the trash (first run only).
    - v1.03 replacement files will be installed in MacOS folder inside (copied from installer).
    - Instruction to insert DVD 1.
    - Support folder will be updated… documentation only (first run only).
    - DVD 1 ejected, instruction to insert DVD 2.
    - DVD 2 ejected.
    - myst4 alias created on desktop.
    - Installation finished.

    You can test the game runs OK by clicking the desktop alias. If all goes well, empty the trash.

    Thanks for your help.
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    All OK


    Used your installer and all went OK. A little housekeeping was required, since I chose my "Myst IV" folder in which was already installed my MystIV app, thinking that the installer would see it and "do nothing." Instead the installer created a "Myst IV Revelation" folder inside my "Myst IV" folder, and proceeded to copy all the data from both Disc 1 and Disc 2 into the new folder. That left me with two full-install Myst IV apps. However, I ran the new app from your alias, and it went perfectly. Save, Load, the camera, everything worked. So I trashed my original Myst IV app and its save folder (which was empty anyway) since your install created a new one.

    I do have one question. The "journal" folder in the new "Myst IV Revelation" folder is empty even though I did take one picture. There is a file in the new "save" folder titled "2012.06.16___10_19_15.m4s" which I assume is the picture I took. Shouldn't that be in the "journal" folder nested in the "save" folder? I have no trouble in game retrieving that picture with the projector... just wondering.

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    Excellent work wstrohm, you've done very well!

    The installer has performed exactly as expected.
    Sorry about the extra housekeeping, but I thought I'd covered that situation… perhaps I should have said what would happen!
    Actually, your result would have shown up in the full install path displayed in the installer's setup summary, allowing the user to fix it before committing to "Install". I was hoping the user would pick it up, however your experience suggests I may need to be a bit more direct.
    Realistically though, I don't expect the situation to arise too often, if at all. Nevertheless, I'll certainly take your comments on board.
    Not to worry, the good news for both of us is everything works!

    In case you're curious, why don't you run the installer over your "new" installation (now that you know it works)?… it will take as long as it does for you to swap your DVDs, and the only thing that will happen is the desktop alias will be replaced and the trash emptied!

    With regard to the Save folder, it's actually created by the game when you launch it, not the installer.
    The file you refer to is your actual saved game… you'll find an extra one every time you add a new save (maybe the picture's part of the save?),
    As to why there's nothing in the Journal folder, I have no idea… that's probably a question for Ubisoft support.
    All I can say is that I have exactly the same as you. I tried multiple photos, pages of notes, and multiple saved games… still nothing in the folder!
    What I did find was an intriguing comment in the game manual, under Journal. Bearing in mind that this is talking about the on-screen object, it did say "Moreover, you can extract the data from your Journal and print it." If that can be done in-game, perhaps that's what goes in the folder.
    The good news is that it has absolutely no effect on the game!

    Finally, thank you for your time and effort. I'm aware that you're busy throughout the forums, and do appreciate your help.

    [ UPDATE 18/6 : The housekeeping issues described by wstrohm have been addressed (see Note in post #2 above)... the name of the existing installation is no longer relevant. The installer will correctly identify an existing installation, regardless of name. Selecting an existing installation will result in all files being examined, and only those missing or needing replacement will be updated... which has the potential to save considerable time if you're troubleshooting your installation!

    Of course, this installer's primary purpose is to install the game, and for most it'll just be a simple new installation.. configuring the installer is always the same, regardless of the situation. Enjoy!]
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    Just for the sake of interest, could you describe exactly what happens when you run the normal installer?

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    Angry Embarrassing!

    Just for the sake of interest, could you describe exactly what happens when you run the normal installer?

    The installer on Disc #1 works perfectly! The last time I had the problem with the installer was in 2009, and have had Myst IV on my hard disk ever since then, so no attempt was made to try it again for the last 3 years. IIRC, the error messages at that time were "Cannot find {***} file" where *** was some obscure filename that I can no longer remember. I tried many troubleshooting tactics and finally came to the conclusion that the updates to Java as Mac OX was updated had caused the loss of a significant file that "InstallShield" needed to run. And my solution was to Archive and Install OS X v 10.4, then install Myst IV (which worked), then install the Myst IV patch 1.03, and then update my OS using the Mac OS X 10.4 -> 10.4.11 Combo Updater, which worked fine. Other than any added "Security" patches provided by Apple since then, I cannot think of any reason why this original installer now works.


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    How strange. Good to hear though - I did think it was odd that the installer works fine on 10.4.11 Intel but not PPC. Let us know if you have any other problems :)

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