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Thread: Is there a mainteance? Ubisoft servers not available. | Forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilPixieGrrr View Post
    We're currently working on the servers, there is no ETA yet on their return, but it is being addressed and they will be fixed ASAP. We'll pass along info as it comes to us from the team. Sorry there isn't better news right now.
    i know i appreciate the gesture you make so keep up the good work

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    Quote Originally Posted by KoolDJMic View Post
    i dont care how better it could be make it an update dont close the **** server
    you should care ..... and why cause you say so ..... how about go outside and meet a girl and exercise some of that game you lazy buncha tards

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonnylo2012 View Post
    you should care ..... and why cause you say so ..... how about go outside and meet a girl and exercise some of that game you lazy buncha tards
    y dont u mind ur own **** business and fyi ***** im setting here with my wife

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    I spent 65 bucks for what??? Specifically bought this game to play. Online multiplayer and everything since I registered my uplay code, it says ubisoft is unavailable. I want my money back you fail software company!!!!

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    Really this is crap I should have seen the red flag when there were so many problems with the beta. But hey that's what betas are for. When you start charging money for software it is supposed to have developed part its beta stage right? So why can't I use the game for its main feature that appears as default over Single Player and why so shy s about it? Do you not employ enough people to monitor forums? I've sat through the credits of AC; I know you do! But hey always room for more when you can sell broken games. So hey, I work for one of fortune 5 hundred's top ten companies (a software company ) in c.s. I've alwayswanted to work for a video game org should I send a resume? What the **** needs to happen? I WANT TO PLAY I've worked hard all week why is getting drunk and playing a video game so difficult? (rhetorical) Why are the servers dow?n (not)

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    Ditto to all, down for me as well. I already know a group of people who returned the game because of server issues, but I'm willing to wait a bit longer, as long as you get this bull**** under control. I had 2 killer games yesterday with a TON of xp, and at the end of each match I got disconnected, which resulted in my 50 mins of playing time to be useless. I hate that xp doesn't count until game is over, it should be rewarded as I get it. Communicate with us Ubisoft! You mother ****ers!

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    Yooooww fix you ****ty sever, the **** ghost recon future soldier don't WORK!!! i spent £50 on this crap so let me enjoy my GAME!!!!

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    O well i'm just going on battlefield. Y'all make DICE and EA look like gods amongst monkeys

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    How does one get. There money back for this crappy @$$ game?

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    Dice rents out servers. Ijs battlefield is revolutionary. Go to Walmart or even g.s. and insist the game is broken.when they try to make you take a replacement insist you will not devote money to questionable merchandise and make a big deal until they give you store credit (they well)

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