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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSwaGGeriFiCc View Post
    Does anyone else feel the same way? I mean it has a slow rate of fire it's range is decreased and it has the wrong Iron sights. I can't believe one of the worlds strongest assault rifle is so underpowered. I was expecting the AK47 to be the best gun in the rifleman class but i guess i'm gonna have to stick with the A-91. Does anyone else think that should do something about it?
    Blame all the below average gaming scrubs that complained to Ubishaft to nerf weapons in some way or another. Mainly the scrub forum stalkers here that suck and the kids that have a Face***** account.
    This game was alright the first 4 dys. on the beta, now, TRASH.
    Some of my friend's didn't even get it and one rented it(he was smart) it and even he probably won't buy it.
    GameStop is only offering $18.62 for this and it's not even been out for 10 dys. yet because they know it's trash.
    Ubisoft isn't fixing much of anything and what they do fix is minor.
    It's like they just want your money and say to you, "FU hahahahaha, we'll get to it if we feel like it, when we feel like it".

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    The AK is amazingggg, dafuq you smokin'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hshane93 View Post
    the ak is amazingggg, dafuq you smokin'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dgfghg View Post
    I started paying attention to when Disconnects and Host Migrations happen, and I believe that those two are mostly due to people rage-quitting because something didn't work the way they wanted it to. So they quit.


    gafas de sol baratas
    The consequence of not having dedicated servers.

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    None of the weapons are overpowered or underpowered.They all are perfect.Only thing Ubisoft needs to work on is lag & Mics that's it.

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    That and rank drops/resets. But AK47 is fine, I prefer it undergassed, so easy to use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLEEDLIKEABOSS View Post
    I prefer it undergassed, so easy to use.
    +1. Pop on a silencer on that bad boy and it's even better!

    As for the thread I disagree. Obviously stats are tweaked so that every gun is different while staying balanced and although AK47 lacks ROF, you just have to be accurate and the power will knock em dead.

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    Will the AK47 be a separate download later on do you think?

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    I think the prob is most people use the ridiculously overpowered ACR as their weapon to compare others to. I love my AK47 and when I use it properly for closer ranged engagements it is a beast. I can drop peeps from across the map while scoped as well but if you are lookin for the silly kills that an ACR gets ya then ya have to use an ACR lol. I haven't used an ACR in quite a while just cuz I'm really not into EZ mode but my AK47 is my usual weapon of choice for Bodark Rifleman.

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    I dont know why but I could just not compete with other riflemen while using the AK47. I had it over gassed and all control attachments except for the silencer. Then I picked up the AK200 and its like the clouds parted and I was bathed in holy light cuz I started destroying with Bodark rifleman. Maybe it was all in my head.

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