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    Add me I'll do some co-op - khayman

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    Junior Member darkspectre171's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Hey everyone. Please send me an invite to your clan. My Xbox gamertag is phantom1381 . I would love to make some new friends and have a group to play regularly with online.

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    add me too dylan0055 i'm looking forward to play whit you guys

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    Looking4 a GRFS ps3 clan

    hey can i join im on ps3 im 14 im from ireland n ive gotta mic

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    I would also love to play some co-op and competitive. I am new to the game and none of my friends have it. Add me and we'll kick butts. My PSN is alex_on_ca.

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    Junior Member Boss_06_CU's Avatar
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    Clayton, NC

    Cool Looking to join a group

    Im looking to join a group, going to get new mic, PSN name is Boss_06_CU.
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    In search of PS3 clan.

    Ive been looking high and low for a decent Ghost Recon clan on PS3. One that actually uses tactics and can work together to take objectives in a manor that random selection could never do.

    If you have a clan like this, or are looking to make one, let me know! PSN: Magical-Nut
    Drop me a line if you go to add me, let me know who you are!

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    Junior Member xRUM0Rx's Avatar
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    Aug 2012

    Ghost recon clan

    Looking for anyone the age of 18+ for my new GRFS clan must have a mic and K/D doesn't matter I can fix it if anyone wants a military tactics base clan MSG me on Xbox GT: xRUM0Rx

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    looking for som e members to join my ghost recon team doesn't matter how good you are add me if you want to join xXKingofkartexX

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    Anybody wanna add me on the PS3, my name is grivera216. I just started and I am a level 24 Rifleman and a 15 Engineer. I play a lot and I am looking for people that can help complete objectives and team up with to out smart the other team.

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