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    Lightbulb Ghost Recon Network - Android and iOS apps


    Manage your squad, customize your weapon, and access your stats on the go with our smartphones / tablets apps!


    The Android app has been officially tested on a limited number of mobile and tablets (check the list here: If your mobile or tablet is not part of that list, we can’t guarantee that it will function at this point in time. If the app is working or not working with a phone in that list, please let us know at !

    - iOS

    GRFS unlock

    Get 6 additional attachment credits, used to unlock attachments for your weapons, by downloading the Ghost Recon Network app on your Android or iOS devices. These credits will not add to your credits pool in the game. They can only be spent from within the mobile gunsmith app. The equipment purchased in the app with these credits can be saved back to the game.

    GRN Q&A

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