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    Pick-Me-Up Achievement

    Ok...I've been sending out Energy Drinks for next to forever pretty much on a DAILY basis and yet the bar for this achievement has not moved AT ALL...doesn't say how many "Colleagues" have to accept 10 Energy Items..a little "clarification" on this achievement would be nice since it is one of the few remaining achievements I have left...

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    All achievements can be looked at by clicking on the trophy on the game page. Are you sure that you are completing it?

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    I have been sending out Energy like it's water and I know that atleast SOME of my friends that play are accepting them but the completion bar for this achievement has not moved AT ALL...

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    Winger534, if you think you are not getting what you are supposed to get, you may always send a support request using the information at this link: . That's really only your other option (after making sure your browser is up to date) because we cannot address it here, other than acknowledging it.

    House MD Team

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    You can actually REQUEST energy from your friends and those request say "i need a pick me up"... I would guess it's about answering those...

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    yeah i got that achievement and if im not wrong u need to get from THEM to get the achievement =) hope this helps

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    Thank you for your help Proxima1985. Hopefully this will answer the question for some of these players. I am getting a number of players talking about this achievement lately.

    House MD Team

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    needed to add that u need to send request and they need to reply =)

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    Thanks again.

    House MD Team

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