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    Question about ghost recon future soldier signature edition for pc!

    Hi mates, i have a little question about signature edition.All retailers in my country have both ps3 and xbox 360 signature edition for pre order, but not for pc.The signature edition is only for consoles? Sory if posted again the question, but i didnt find yet a thread regarding this subject! Thanks anticipately!

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    Signature Edition for PC in one of my country's stores!

    In my country there is an option for Signature Edition PC. So maybe they just haven't announced at Your country, because of the lack of announcement(s)/clarification(s) on the PC version.

    Best wishes,

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    In the US, the pc has a standard edition and a deluxe edition, which is actually better than the signature edition on consoles.

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    Could always get the Deluxe edition on Steam or Ubi Store.
    It's basically the Signature edition with almost every pre-order bonus and a few extras.


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    thanks for respones, i should wait the deluxe version, but the deluxe version, can be bought even after release, or its is preorder only lke signature edition?

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    As I know the Signature Edition only pre-order offer, but the Deluxe Edition can be bougth after the release. Correct me if I wrong

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    Hi, you can buy the Signature Edition here and the Deluxe Edition here for PC.

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    It sucks, you can't get a retail version of it on PC, just a digital version. It makes zero sense, they're just turning down money. Give me the regular retail boxed version and a code for the additional content, how hard would that have been?

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    Cannot find the Signature Edition for PC.

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