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    Roll Call

    The old forum is slow, Wolferz MIA, as well as Moose, Magic and several more that use to hang around. Many I don't even see at Subsim.

    I guess no one ever heard from Wolferz, I think Tambor had his email and never got a responce.

    Come on old timers.......answer Roll Call......
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    I've seen Moose over at Subsim. It's my understanding that he took leave from this forum after they changed the look from a Submarine forum to a, well, anything but a submarine forum. Gotta love that white, Pillsbury Dough, Rabbit. Wolferz is indeed MIA. I couldn't find anything from my end other than his general neighborhood. A lot of long timers have fled the scene since UBI consolidated their forums.

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    Been busy with other games as well as trying to enjoy the outdoors.

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    The forum definitely took a big hit when UBI changed it. I don't know the reasoning behind it, but it was probably some senseless pencil pusher that came up with the idea.

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    Not sure I'd consider myself a old timer on here, but im still floating around.

    Playing the original Diablo at the moment.

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    Am still hanging around - like to read about peoples various patrols and some of the off-topic stuff.

    The change in the way the forum is displayed is not as user friendly as it used to be but one of the main reasons for people not being around is probably because there is not as much to talk about concerning the game. When SH4 was awaited there was all the speculation, then when it was released there was the usualy OMG what has Ubi done discussions. Then there were discussions for patches etc, then it was time for the modders to step in and raise enthusiam again with their efforts and then....time moves and people move on to new games and forums.

    Am really concerned for Wolferz, if he could I have no doubts he would be here.

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    Here, everyday at least once I check this forum, Mav pretty much said everthing that I would have said, SS contest used to be the draw,but I got a negative response to help keep it going, Not much in the way of fresh faces to help out.

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    Present...and still fighting...!!

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    Still playing SH4 when I have the time. You are correct, MWolfe. Nothing came of the old e-mail address that I had for Wolferz.

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    I missed this, who went negaitve, by golly we'll throw in the brig and feed em Wern's cooking, that will fix them.

    When I'm forced to login each time, always notice 50-100 viewers here and often wonder who they might be, good to see old faces like Mav.
    I have a feeling many old faces check in, just like to read what's up without posting, shame we cant get them to vote.

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