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    Hey Ubisoft!

    **** you. I will never EVER buy another Ubi product, ever again. I paid $60 of my hard earned money so that I could play a **** game, and yet, thanks to your stupidity, I can't even play it. You will never see another dime from me. And I know what you're thinking, guy...big deal. You may be right, but I will make sure that every friend that I have never buys another game from you, and I'm **** sure that there are other people out there right now feeling the exact same way. The funny thing is, I know you guys will never see this post, as you never check the boards, but I figured I'd post this anyways. Your system is crap, your service is crap, and I'm done with you. And just incase you didn't get it the first time, **** you.
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    Yeah, last game bought from them for me either
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    Same here. If I only hear UBI S(hit)OFT, I won't even take game for free.
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    Hi Kamalii01, if you are having issues please contact technical support, the link is in my signature.
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