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Thread: The Ubisoft service is not available at this time. Please try again later (1741 EST) | Forums

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    2137 EST online for a match and now once again not available

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    wow they were on for like 20 mins and now they are back off

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    somebody over there hopefully is busting there ass to fix this.. opening weekend and multiplayer is down maintenance my a$$..

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    this is bulls*it

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    it's up again

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    Not for us for HOMM6 been down over 16 hrs now

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePestilent View Post
    Seriously, I paid 60 bucks for this...
    I played the beta of this game without a problem. I purchased it yesterday and I could not connect for the first hour after getting it home. After talking to the salespersons at the store
    where I purchased it, they said it was impossible to get on. I returned the game right then and there. Disappointed.

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    Hi guys, all servers except Heroes VI are back up and running. The team are working to get Heroes VI back as soon as possible.

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