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Thread: A message to you from the Ghost Recon Online Producer, Theo Sanders | Forums

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    Clans? We onlyhave tight-knit groups of small players of say 4 to 8 who are close and play with eachother to dominate games constantly...oh...

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    Is that a Chicken in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Keep up the good work, big boy.

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    Thank you for your work and estimate of beta coming back up. serve a round to the dev team at the pub :P i been checking for forums for days waiting for news

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    the A team superhero jaxck doubleoh samtheman mnhmm im ready

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    GRO and GR:FS available for play at the same time? Guess I will just have to quit my job.
    I have my priorities ya know.

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    You could play both games...

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    This experience with my first-ever beta game has been amazing! The last two beta rounds have been so much fun and addicting. Definitely appreciate the heads-up on the next round of testing and look forward to what the other 0.4 version updates have to offer. As for you playing on the North American servers...bring it! haha! Kudos to you and your team for GRO! Thanks!

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    First I want to say what a great job the entire GRO team did with this game. I though GRO was going to be an inferior watered down GRFS. However after playing both betas I realized that GRO is a far better game. I can really tell you guys took the time to offer a tactical refined gameplay experience. You can tell that just by playing this game that the devs are big gamers as well. Not to mention GRO has the best cover based gunplay I have ever experienced in a shooter. The controls are so smooth intuitive I feel as if I can switch stances just by thinking about it. The beta was smooth and I enjoyed every minute of it.

    This game turned me back on to PC gaming as the COD bug infected me badly since MW (I love my Black Ops). I actually stopped playing Black Ops completely because of this game. I am glad that you and the forum managers constantly communicate with the consumers/gamers because it lets us know we are actually being heard and that our opinions do matter no matter how wild, crazy, relevant or irrelevant our feedback on the game may seem.

    I look forward to the next phase and playing with/against you as well my GT: Is TightNinja.

    Again great job with this whole project. The $60 I was going to give GRFS will now go to you guys instead, and if you ever include 8-16 player co-op missions GRAW 2 style you will get $60 more.

    Thanks for such an awesome game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by suprhero View Post
    Let Happiness Reign With a Shotgun Blast!

    Thnx Ubi and everyone involved with GRO, its been a great opportunity to be part of this community.

    I agree. And did you realize you were first in the world for shotgun kills and I was second? We should definitely play together sometime

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    Quote Originally Posted by cra2yazn View Post
    I'm going to be torn between GR:FS and GRO since it seems they are both coming out at the same time.
    GRFS is already out, in the US and UK anyway, not sure when it is due out in Ponyville LOL. You'll have months of playing GRFS before GRO is ready

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