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    A message to you from the Ghost Recon Online Producer, Theo Sanders

    Ghost Recon Online Producer, Theo Sanders wishes to share a message with you:

    First off, I'd like to extend a huge "thank you!" to everyone who played in the most recent closed beta phase, ended last week. Throughout, we've been listening carefully and collecting a ton of great feedback about how to make Ghost Recon Online a better game.

    While listening is great, I've also been incognito, this time on the European server with a recon named "squirk" experiencing things for myself. I had some really memorable games, but also a couple of frustrating ones (especially around team balance) that really helped illuminate the way forward. Next time around, I'll jump onto the North American beta server under a different handle.

    It's clear we still have a bunch of work to do addressing balance issues (matchmaking, class, and weapon) and fixing some pesky bugs. But at the same time, I'm also extremely proud of what the dev team here has accomplished so far. More than for anything else, proud that Ghost Recon Online has succeeded to become a game with its own "personality" in a genre where an awful lot of products look alike.

    The team here in Singapore is now focused on two big things: improving on what we've learned and also delivering some cool new features to keep Ghost Recon Online fresh. But, we're not ready to talk about the shiny new stuff just yet.

    Finally, I want to share a bit about what's going to happen next. We're going to take a break from betas for a few weeks to focus 99% of our attention on making GRO better. The other 1% I'll spend at the pub trying to recover my "gamer self-esteem" after the beatings I took from CU, drop, and FcT players (that I can remember offhand at least) during the past few weeks. I can't wait to see how the Americans and Canadians stack up! Will I be in for an even rougher ride?

    The game plan is that we'll start up another closed beta in mid-June, with the exact session dates coming in a later update.

    Again, thanks. You all kick ***. Let's continue to make Ghost Recon Online an awesome game together.

    Theo Sanders
    Producer, GRO
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    Thnx Ubi and everyone involved with GRO, its been a great opportunity to be part of this community.

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    It truly has been an epic experience and I am 100% addicted to GRO.
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    Thanks for the update! Doing great work on GRO

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    haha are you drinking right now Theo? Thanks for the update, can't wait to see how the game looks by mid-June. GRFS is an amazing replacement until that date. But just doesn't do it for me, GRO is my number 1 game right now.

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    Well there definitely aren't as many clans on the North American servers. It sounds like the European GRO players are a lot more competitive than the North American players when it comes to specific clans and groups facing off.

    I can't wait for Phase 3 to kick off in June.
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    From what I got to play of it it was really good. That pesky thing life kept getting in the way. Can't wait till the servers go back on line to get myself put back in my place. I thought I was getting good at it....... I have a vivid imagination though.

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    I'm going to be torn between GR:FS and GRO since it seems they are both coming out at the same time.
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    While clans haven't really formed over here in North America, we've definitely started forming cliques. I hope to face off with you in June!

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    getting an estimate of when we can play again is very helpful and much appreciated. thanks!

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